"He would be a valuable

addition to Disney


"Kevin is very impressive and

talented as you will see from his

resume and portfolio. He would

be a valuable addition to Disney

Imagineering or to any group

that has creative needs. Without

talent progress is impossible.

I keep my eye out for excellent talent and Kevin fits that bill."

- Lee Cockerell

Former Executive Vice President at Walt Disney World Resort

M 407-908-2118 (EST) W leecockerell.com

E lee@leecockerell.com C cockerellacademy.com


"In all sincerity…he changes lives."

"I would like to offer my highest recommendation without reservation for Kevin Rutter as a speaker and coach.

Over the past six years, I have been in a position that required me to plan conferences, with attendance ranging from 50 to 500 participants.  Kevin is my “go to” speaker, and consistently receives the highest feedback ratings and most return requests from those who hear him. On many occasions, I have been told that his sessions are the highlight of the conference and the most memorable.

Whether providing a keynote address to hundreds in an auditorium or teaching a small group in an intimate setting, Kevin connects in a very personal way with his audience. He is creative in his use of technology, illustrative “real world” examples, art and music, which engages and helps people to think and feel differently as their understanding grows. His authority in his field and credibility are always evident. He presents research in psychology and brain-based behavior, but does so in an easily digestible way that helps his audience see how it applies in their lives.  

Kevin has a remarkable way of connecting with people and helping them understand difficult concepts. I know that his sessions have made an enormous impact on those who attend. In all sincerity… he changes lives."  

- Kristen Bolster Mayle, M.A., C.A.S, NCSP



At Spark of Imagination I have adopted Walt Disney’s concept of “plussing it” to provide the very best. I do custom work with high attention to detail taking innovation to the next level. I am passionate about the Disney industry and culture. I know I can create the impossible with the world’s most talented people in the most magical place on Earth!

"Kevin is a hands-down creative genius..."

“Kevin is a hands-down creative genius, and I don’t use that term lightly. To see the work he does and his creative curiosity is inspiring to me! He’s also a super honest, humble guy, and I’m proud to call him a good friend! You have to see this guy’s work!!  Even if a task requires a skill that he hasn’t yet mastered, Kevin will jump in and astonish you with the outcome. Whether it’s woodworking, model making, 3D printing, or any other specialized skill, Kevin can exhibit the talents of a career artisan and that is what makes him such an asset. He’s a rare individual indeed!”

     - Scott Regenbogen

3D Designer and Fabricator

"Kevin is truly worth hiring.

His work is amazing!"  

"There are few people who I have found in my lifetime to be truly creative. Kevin Rutter is one of those very talented individuals! In Los Angeles I started and ran a set production company called City Front. I worked directly with ShowCraft which was founded by Chris Koon and Beth Schmidt. Our businesses provided props for Disneyland Parks in Anaheim, CA. I know The Walt Disney Company requires the best of the best in talent. Having hired Kevin on multiple projects I can say he reaches this standard in creativity! Kevin has a creative mind that is beyond compare. If the creative team at Walt Disney Company sees this please know that Kevin is truly worth hiring. His work is amazing!"

- Christopher Price

Former Aerospace Senior Quality Consultant