I began a Bucket List when I was very young. Today I continue this vision with a Life Wish List which directs my focus forward and opens up many opportunities for new adventures!





I ventured to conquer my fear of heights by facing that fear head on!

Hang Gliding

Sky Diving

Pet a Penguin

Fainting Goats

Zip Line

I enjoy connecting with animals of all types: the wonderful, silly, and playful!





eat a Vegemite sandwich  

eat a Montecristo Sandwich

kite surfing     

photography class

scare a fainting goat

fly in a bi-plane

create a wish foundation

vacation in Bora Bora

slidedown  fireman’s pole

fly in a seaplane


fly boarding

cooking classes

escape room

hang off a catamaran

meet Tony Robbins

drive a Porsche

fly in a hot air balloon

fly a hang glider

swim with manatees

pet a penguin

murder mystery weekend

play with a monkey

pet a hedgehog

catch halibut in Alaska

ride an elephant

swim with a sea turtle

publish a book

see NY at Christmas time

see phantom of the opera in London

create a pot on a potters wheel

walk on fire

yoga class

all inclusive resort

play the ukulele well

play the steel drum

see Tenth Ave North concert

Matthew West concert

Imagine Dragons concert

Jason Mraz concert


statue of liberty & ground zero

St. Lewis Gateway elevator

California redwoods

Niagara falls


participated in a flash mob

whale watching

see the Northern lights

be an imagineer!

build a car

try caviar

create a family crest

speek at TEDX

work on ropes course

deep sea fishing

bus derby

drive a race car

Cedar Point

Hershey World

Lego Land


Bike in Canada

fly in a helicopter

stay in a nice treehouse

be an extra in a movie

segway tour

climb a lighthouse

swim w/ pigs in the Bahamas

Tony Robbin’s retreat

meet Opra

meet Brene’ Brown

Disneyland Paris

Ride the Tron rollercoaster in China

Avatar & Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

build a raptor suit

Ice hotel

pay off home w/in 20 years

complete HO train set

scuba dive

surf in Hawaii

learn to wrap cars

create the Inspiration center

make an electric upright bass

cruise the largest ship(s)

do stand up comedy

be the keynote speaker

perform onstage with daughter/son

make a grandfather clock

make a Klingon Batleth

raise an incredible son & daughter

be an incredible grandpa

lead an incredible legacy

Completed (Bucket List)

zip lined

tried Nato

boated across alligator infested swamp

rode a wave

learned chess

learned to use stilts

caught a fly with chopsticks

cliff jumped on snow skis

completed MKP

completed level 2 Landmark Education

opened and ate a coconut

won a competition on a mechanical bull

slept in a cave

skinny dipped

made a London guard smile

flew a plane

climbed Mt. Fuji

cherry blizzard at Emperor’s palace

participated in sumo wrestling

learned to toss pizza dough

created a cookbook

taught at a college

rode in a Rolls Royce

owned my dream cars

massage on beach under a cabana

rode a camel

stood inside a swarm of bats like batman!

milked a cow

played tag with a rhino

touched a giraffe's tongue

pet a shark

pet a baby kangaroo inside mother’s pouch  

pet a sleeping porcupine

pet a skunk

pet an ostrich

ate alligator, frog legs, escargot, and eel

held a tarantula

held a scorpion

slept in an igloo (x2)

lived in a tree house

touched an elephant

split a match with an axe

experienced the eye of a hurricane

bit by an emu

learned to ballroom dance

learned to weld

learned to cut hair

learned to crack an egg one handed

learned to juggle

hit a bulls eye with an arrow

performed a magic show

touched the tongue of a dolphin

held a baby alligator

learned Japanese

spoke on Cincinnati Radio

invented something

all day silent meditation (x3)

played drums with professionals (x2)

bought my dream car

created my own business

created a drive in theater

married my dream wife

went on a cruise

earned Master’s degree

earned Eagle Scout

flew 1st class

rode in a limousine


Accomplished - but not on purpose:

saw a ghost

offered 6 jobs in one day

extinguished house fires (x2)

saved a dog’s life

saved a child's life (x2)

survive an encounter with a barracuda

survived being struck by lightening

survived NDE!