One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure





I was teaching my wife techniques for creating shadows when I decided to do an experiment by mixing water color with oil based paints. Because these repelled one another a patina affect was created. Even though these were simple sketches to begin with, we felt the results were impressive enough to frame and keep.

I began this painting when I was a teenager but had no idea how to complete the ocean background. I was determined to finish it correctly. 20 years later I finally learned a technique that would allow me to complete it. My patience and dedication finally paid off. This was the longest I ever waited to complete a painting.

This is a painting of a photo of my son blissfully enjoying Disney World!

Disney has been an inspiration to me my whole life. Every week I watched Walt Disney on TV talk about what his Imagineers were creating and what was new in his parks. You can see his influence in some of my work below.