I programed and engineered these light shows with the goal of creating an affordable, elegant, and spectacular presentation (while avoiding the Grizwald look). An FM transmitter broadcast music to the radios of passing cars. The biggest challenge was finding a time to film it when there was no traffic!

This animated ghost is the main attraction at our home during Halloween. It was also featured in a Haunted Factory that was admitted to the Guiness Book of World Records as the largest haunted building.

These tomb stones where hand crafted from foam insulation. Then the letters were carved with an x-acto knife. Finally painted with acrylic, weathered, and distressed with a heat gun.


Just completed two raptor suites with a friend!  The one I created was made to look like Blue from Jurassic World.  They both have sound effects and working jaws! These were a hit on Halloween and sense then we have been asked to appear at schools and businesses for demonstrations.


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